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 So this is the part you find out who i am , i hate writing about myself. I think if you were to ask anyone that knows me what sort of person i am you would probably be told i am very honest , straight to the point and very caring person, i will  help anyone if i can. 

I am told i have a great sense of humour and fun to be around, I've survived raising 3 children so i must have a good sense of humour!


To be a Wedding Photographer i think you need to have quite a few qualities one of them is being able to empathise with the people you are working with and understand their needs. As  Wedding Photographer's we are often the ones who calm a nervous bride down and give reassurance , after all i have been in your shoes once upon a time and understand how overwhelming a wedding can become. We are there to try make your day run as smoothly as possible so if i can help in anyway i will.

 So on to the a bit off personal stuff , as you have  guessed my names Julie -ann, or Jules to my friends ( people always seem to shorten my name and i don't mind to be honest).


 I live in a village on the outskirts of Leeds West Yorkshire with my husband of 21 years  and  two of my three Sons. I was going to say children but i keep forgetting one Son is at the ripe old age of 19 and the youngest Son is 16 .

My Photography Journey started seriously in 2009 when i enrolled at Leeds City College and started to study Photography and image manipulation. I earned my first Professional diploma in Photography a year later, after that i went on to study a further 3 more higher diploma's finishing with my 4th diploma and a pass with distinction.


From there i went on to train as student of one of the countries best Wedding photographers and still do train with him today because Photography and Wedding Photography in general is one of those subjects were your constantly learning and growing , basically i don't think you'll ever know it all and you'd probably be foolish to to think you do.

I have been shooting weddings since 2009  and i  just love them. I love the different families i meet, the different and challenging venues i work at and basically i just love being with happy people. I love seeing weddings , feeling the excitement in the atmosphere  and being part of someones special day.

So that's a little about me personally. Here's a little about how i work.

Basically i am a trained visual story teller , no words just the captured actions and emotions of my clients and their families. I am there to capture the unexpected, the environment and those special little moments that happen throughout a Wedding day. Im there to capture the laughter and fun, such as a parent or grand parent getting a little tipsy or the Bride and Groom sharing a loving glance without no one noticing.

 Traditional family photographs are  fine after all you've invited people to witness your marriage and they are part of your special day but once the formalities are out of the way lets have some fun , lets laugh and dance the day away.

I am a firm believer that love is love no matter who your marrying or where you're marrying. Whether you're getting married in a stately home or a local registrars office with a party in a local bar , the love is still as important. It's the couples and their families that make a Wedding day and not the four walls the ceremony is held in.


 I'm a firm believer in getting value for money and so i will gladly guide you to choose the correct amount of Wedding Photography coverage , Yes we do offer off the peg Wedding Photography collections or packages but not everyone is the same so if i can tailor coverage to your individual needs then i will , don't be afraid to ask.

I want this to be one of the best experiences you've had with your Wedding vendors and at the finish l like you to feel like you've gained a new friend in me.

 Wishing you all the very best !

                                                                                                       Julie-ann .

Below are my training images that are shot using bridal models , when you lovely people are all tucked up cosy and warm indoors us Wedding Photographers are out in the Cities and towns practicing late at night so that we can deliver you some awesome Wedding Images. I never use any model images to advertise my work unless i can replicate them 100%.

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