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The Happy Couples Guide | Have you worked at my wedding venue before?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

This is a frequently asked question that I have thought about for some time now and I think its a question that really needs addressing so here goes.

A kiss at sunset. The Bridge Inn Hotel & Spa Wetherby North Yorkshire

I don't know whether this is a question that as been suggested by online bridal magazines or bridal chat groups that are aimed at helping a couple in choosing the right Wedding Photographer for them, but its a question that keeps on cropping up year in year out and there are photographers like myself who if we've not worked at a particular venue then we are shut out .

Lotherton Hall Wedding Ceremony Room

There are literally hundreds of wedding venues scattered across Yorkshire & the North of England and each one poses a different challenge, whether that be difficult lighting situations or lack of venue grounds for scenic portraits. An experienced Wedding Photographer will not just simply turn up on the day of the wedding and fingers crossed get through the day the best they can, they will visit the venue and do as much research in person & online as possible to make sure that they are ready for your wedding day, as well as consulting with you to make sure that they achieve your exact requirements.

Bridal Models at the Shambles York North Yorkshire

As photographers we learn how to see light and how to manipulate it to our advantage as well as obtain the very best from any venue we are booked to work at. I personally take on as much training as I possibly can and train with one of the industry's award-winning wedding photographers. The Image above was taken on a training session in York under the guidance of multi award winning Chris Chambers of http://www.chrischambersphotography.co.uk/, Wedding Photographer extraordinaire

Bridal Models at Hazlewood Castle & Spa York

Training such as this, which is also held in some of the North's most elegant, historic and grand wedding venues which teaches us how to deal with poor lighting situations and how to make the most out of a venue and its surroundings for our clients. Don't get me wrong as beautiful as some of these grand properties are they were not built with wedding photography in mind, but they do prepare us for challenges that we may come across.

My personal opinion is that you may want to engage the services of the venue recommended Wedding Photographer that as shot more weddings at a particular wedding venue than you've probably had hot dinners and that’s totally your choice but why not engage a fresh pair of eyes with new ideas rather than someone who may photograph you in the same places in the same poses as they have done hundreds of times before.

Bride & Groom Portraits in the grounds of Oulton Hall Hotel & Spa Leeds West Yorkshire

These photographers were once upon a time on the outside looking in until someone decided that they liked their work and thought that they were the Wedding Photographer for them and booked their services enabling them to have the images of a certain venue in their galleries or portfolio's, basically somebody gave them the chance to prove that they could live up to their expectations.

In summing up I would say that the question “Have you worked at my wedding venue before” is irrelevant to an experienced well-trained Wedding Photographer, the only way to decide whether a Wedding Photographer is the right one for you is to either meet them in person and see examples of their work or have a look through online galleries, blog posts and social media accounts. I wouldn't be too ready to dismiss the idea of booking a photographer who has not worked at a certain venue , you may be overlooking a real talent.

Well that's all for now , all the very best.

Julie Ann

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