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The Happy Couples Guide|Should I have an unplugged wedding or let uncle Bob loose on my big day?

Updated: May 14, 2019


You may be wondering first of all what is an unplugged Wedding, is it were the wedding is conducted by candle light and all electric lights are unplugged or have you hired a acoustic guitar soloist as the entertainment?

Finally, who is Uncle Bob? These questions I will clarify and hopefully give you something to think about during the planning of your wedding.

Addicted to social media

Over the last few years , our lives have become more and more lived out in the wonderful world of the internet and the many social media sharing platforms that live on there.

Our lifestyles, achievements and even our failures are posted on such platforms accompanied by an image relating to whatever we are doing at that moment in time (including being wedding guests).

Unfortunately, this practice along with the easy access to cameras whether they be on mobile phones or whether they are wedding guests with semi pro or professional cameras as become the Professional Wedding Photographers bugbear.

Wedding guest photography

Who is Uncle Bob? Uncle Bob (this is a name given to these people by photographers in the industry) is usually a well-intentioned wedding guest / photo bomber who is there waiting to pounce and unintentionally ruin any set up shot or beautiful candid moment. Uncle Bob may have professional grade

photography gear but at the end of the day they are usually someone who posts nice shots of local landscapes, flowers, dogs or friends and neighbours kids playing in the park on their Facebook pages but has no real time experience of weddings or the responsibilities that come with shooting someone’s special day.

The Happy Snapper

Now I don't want to come across as a bit of a misery guts and I'm all for any guests taking images of the happy couple but when someone starts to hinder or distract and even start to affect the quality of photography that couples have paid for then that’s when it becomes a real problem.

As a couple you have invited the guests to share in your day, to watch & listen as you exchange vows and witness the first steps of married life you take as you walk down the aisle together, you have chosen these people to be wedding guests because they mean a great deal to you.

Mobile Phone Wedding Photographer

You have not invited people to be constantly staring at screens , uploading images & video's to Facebook etc, basically not paying attention to what is actually happening in front of them. If someone is messing about zooming in and out with a camera phone or have their hands full with a camera checking what settings they are using then they are not giving you their undivided attention and they are not sharing in the special moments that you intended. Also as a bride you will be nervous but imagine not one lens but a whole room of them staring at you , thats enough to put anyone off.

Out in the aisle , Wedding Guest photographing the happy couple.

So now we come to the Unplugged Wedding, there has become a real trend for couples to ask their guests to refrain from using any digital device that is capable of recording and uploading images and footage to social media platforms during the ceremony, family formals, Bride & Groom Portraits and speeches. This can be done either on the invitations that are sent out or on nicely designed chalk boards strategically placed so everyone see's and understands the couples wishes. Let your guest’s selfie the day and night away once all the important stuff is out of the way.

Fun & Elegant un-plugged wedding chalk board

So there is my take on the subject , As I previously said I don't want to come across as a meanie or spoil sport but at the end of the day I have a lot of responsibility resting on my shoulders during a wedding day and I don't want to have to show my clients a set of ruined images blocked by guests with phones, people stood out in aisles or images ruined by somebody letting off flashes at key moments.

I'm sure your guests will understand the hard work and effort you have put into organising and paying for your special day and they should also understand the importance of allowing your chosen wedding photographer to deliver the images that you have hired them to take.

I must add a note to say that the wedding guest's in the images in this blog were not a nuisance or an hinderance as such , they just happened to strike some cracking poses.

So that's it for now , all the best

Julie Ann.

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