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The dramatic skies of West Yorkshire

This blog is about what will happen when the weather on your wedding day does not play ball and what you can expect from me.

So, you've spent an absolute fortune planning and preparing for your big day but the only thing you cannot order is the good old British sunshine. You can plan for most things on a wedding day but the weather in the UK is so unpredictable, you can't 100% rely on the weather playing ball and that’s just how it is.

Obviously if your wedding ceremony and reception is indoors then that should not provide many obstacles for your photographer, unless of course the location of your chosen wedding venue is remote and the roads become impassable due to flooding or snow.

Indoor wedding photography can be restrictive and may not be really what you wanted for your big day as it may not be a true representation of the whole day. There is undoubtedly going to be points during the day when you are going to want to be photographed outside and you may think that grey over cast days are awful but, in all honesty, this type of weather provides us with some of the most flattering natural light that is kind and gentle to anyone’s face.

If you've hired an elegant stately venue with beautiful grounds and grand architecture then it’s understandable that you are going to want to have the venue feature in your wedding images at some point, so the dark rain clouds will add drama to your images. If the weather becomes really bad we can always use rooms that are recognised as being taken at that particular venue.

The White Wedding Illuminated Umbrella

I always carry white umbrellas for a particular evening shot that I provide but these little life savers can come in handy if the Bride & Bridesmaids are caught off guard by a sudden down fall of rain. Also, there are venues that have pergolas or folly's (some look like stone bandstands to me), these provide an ideal place to be photograph in if the weather decides to be mean to us. We can also look at doorways and arches within the grounds of a venue that when back lit look rather nice especially at night for Bride and Groom portraits.

There will be times however when we simply can't go outside due to health and safety of both the couple and the wedding photographer and his or her assistant , in cases like this we always have a plan B , I always visit a venue in person to check out the wedding photography opportunities that there are for my clients and also to enable me to formulate a plan B in case the worst happens and the weather is an absolute nightmare.

We really do have to try and embrace the weather when things turn wet or windy, I understand that you may have a very expensive dress and your hair & make up needs to last all day but if you are willing to come outside then we can achieve some wedding imagery that is out of this world.

So theres my little bit on the weather, hope you liked it.

Julie Ann xx

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