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Brides Guides|Wedding Day Tips for the excited Bride.

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

So, you've spent months planning your perfect day and its nearly time to say " I do", so why not look through this list of suggestions to try help you make it through your day without incident.

I have compiled some helpful tips that past brides have used themselves to get them through the build up to their ceremonies and through the rest of the wedding day without any extra stress or discomfort. Some of them may seem common sense but trust me once the nerves kick in common sense will possibly shoot out the window.


It is essential that you eat and drink on the morning of your wedding, I know your stomach may be doing back flips or will be full of butterflies but you must try and eat something, you need to keep your sugar/energy levels up and also keep your body hydrated.

Try some toast with jam on if you can't manage something cooked. Your guests don't want to see a beautiful bride buckle and faint at the top of the aisle because you've not eaten. Food & drink is your best friend on the morning of your wedding and throughout the day, keep eating and drinking.


So, you've bought the most amazing wedding shoes and I'm guessing that these prized shoes that complete your stunning outfit have more than likely only been tried on a hand full of times as obviously you don't want to get them dirty or marked.

You need to break those shoes in, remember you are going to be in those shoes for a considerable amount of time and you need to be comfortable in them. There is nothing worse than sore blistered feet. If you can wear them in the bedroom whilst everyone’s out the house, walk up and down a carpeted room in them or do a spot of hoovering in them.

If you’re wearing a long gown Why not have a pair of soft pumps or slippers on standby, I have seen a lot of brides do this and the look of sheer joy on their faces is priceless. This is also an idea to use when you are having your portraits photographed as more than likely you will be stood on soft ground like grass and heels then become similar to running spikes, you will sink into the ground ruining your shoes if they are a material covered heel not to mention you may become unsteady on your feet.


I suggest that you make a "Brides Emergency Kit”, this should have in it, Plasters, Safety Pins, Blister patches, Headache/Migraine tablets, Heart burn tablets, any Medication you normally take, Sewing thread & Needle and a small pair of Scissors. You would be amazed how many times especially at Hotel weddings we are asked for these items, I do carry some of those items although I do not give any headache tablets out as if anyone one had a reaction to them I could be held accountable


Remember if you are going to be photographed in the room that you are going to be dressed in you want the back drop to your photographs to be clutter free.

Whether you’re getting ready at home or at your venue make sure that you keep the area clean and tidy, make the bed, move any luggage out the way and organise everything you will be wearing such as jewellery, perfume, shoes and flowers so that you know where everything is.

If you organise your personal items ready for photographing it saves time. Make a zone in your home or hotel room for having bridal portraits taken. Look for a place where there is plenty of natural light, this will show you at your very best, think of this as your "Beautiful Zone".


Please allow plenty of time to get ready in, don't get caught out thinking "I've got plenty of time, it'll be fine", the amount of supposed chilled out brides I've seen suddenly turn into a panic-stricken shrieking wreck's is unbelievable.

Don't forget as photographers we will need to photograph you before you head off to tie the knot and even though we work pretty fast we need a little time with you, our cameras are not point and shoot jobs, we need to make sure that where you are photographed is perfect to show you in the best possible way.

Also, please make sure that it is not only the bride that knows how to fasten the dress, especially dresses that are corset back gowns. The helpful ladies from the bridal shop that a gown was purchased from should show you how to do this or who ever will be helping you into your gown can watch some instructional videos on Youtube and maybe have a practice run. Don't forget to pack a crochet hook for the dresses that have the elasticated hoops for buttons.


This is you and your partners special day , the day were you have invited those that matter the most to you to witness you exchange vows with one another and share in the first steps of your journey as a married couple. In all honestly those special people couldn't care less about a bridesmaid not having an Alice band or there’s one less flower in the table decorations than you had asked for, just let it go and think of the bigger picture.

All that matters is you and your partner.

I hope these tips will help you on your big day, I will be adding more of these help guides as time goes by but for now it’s time to say bye-bye and have a wonderful day.

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